Sunday, May 17, 2015

Amazon Giveaway of "Publicize This!"

I'm very happy to announce my second book Giveaway, this one via

"Publicize This!" is a beginner's guide for community and/or nonprofit groups who need to grow their membership, raise awareness of important issues, and solicit donations to advance their objectives—despite the fact that they have a limited or nonexistent marketing budget. Packed with practical advice, this brief and to-the-point book details specific steps that groups might take to make a simple marketing plan, compile a custom media distribution list, advertise group events, capitalize on post-event publicity opportunities, and generate ongoing word-of-mouth that furthers the group's overall goals. All it takes is "some dedication, a little targeted research, diligent collection of relevant information, and steady application of what is learned along the way." Quick and easy fundraising ideas are included, as well as samples of blurbs, announcements, a radio script, and other promotional pieces for modeling purposes. 80 pages.

If you'd like to be entered to win one of three copies of Publicize This! Promoting Your Group/Nonprofit on a Limited or Nonexistent Budget, visit this link and follow me on Twitter (@KPVermaelen) today!

Good luck!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Two Poems Down...

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for Suffolk County Poetry Review 2015 in the gorgeous Hunt Room at Dowling College, where I read "God's Mother," one of two poems of mine that appear in the issue. I also enjoyed hearing many other talented poets read their work at the event.

What I didn't know going in is that this is the inaugural issue of Suffolk County Poetry Review, the very first in what will be a long and successful line of poetry anthologies featuring Long Island poets. I am so honored and thrilled to be included alongside the many talented poets in this first issue.

"God's Mother" can be found on page 88. This poem was inspired by my older son's past penchant for drawing endless pictures of our solar system, which he then left around the house in piles. When I told him "We have no more room for your solar systems," inspiration struck. I began to wonder what She might have told Him while he created the universe with reckless speed and abandon.

"Virago," which appears on page 89, was inspired by dual definitions provided in a word-of-the-day email from an online dictionary. The dichotomy of this noun, which applies exclusively to women and has both positive and negative meanings, inspired some (admittedly bitter) thinking about why such a word exists, especially as there seems to be no equivalent noun for men.   

Suffolk County Poetry Review contains the work of over 50 local poets and was edited by current Suffolk County Poet Laureate Ed Stever, Pramila Venkateswaran and James P. Wagner (Ishwa). If you love poetry, consider picking up a copy of Suffolk County Poetry Review: An Anthology of Suffolk County Poetry from Local Gems Press today.