Thursday, June 5, 2014

Stupid Cancer -- An Original Poem

Stupid Cancer

I read an online meme today
that began, inexplicably,
with the words  
Stupid cancer!
and I sat there, baffled 
that a stunning word like
could be married to an underachiever
like stupid.
The noun, insidious,
loaded, life-changing. The adjective,
what a toddler shouts at
a sandbox playmate who stole
her pail. A surfeit of 
dazzling descriptors
exist, yet the writer chose
to pair stupid with  
cancer. The word
must have been hiding under
the couch that day, while
vacationed incognito
in a small Colorado town.
Let's call things what they 
are. Let's stop 
pretending, stop 
giving out pink
teddy bears in the aftermath
of shocking diagnosis. Let's 
give people swords 
and cheer them on while,
like gladiators, they go into
the arena to cut stupid cancer's
motherf*cking head off.

© 2014, K. P. Vermaelen. All rights reserved.