Sunday, March 9, 2014

Publicize This!

I failed to post here in February, but I can say that it was for a very good reason.

Since the middle of January, I've been working on finishing my first "indie" publishing project, a short-but sweet book that discusses strategies for promoting community/nonprofits with limited or nonexistent marketing budgets. It's called Publicize This! and I'm proud to say that it's now completed.

The back story is this: In 2007, I joined the marketing committee at my son's private school. My first project was to print a school brochure, which was easy because it was something I'd done many, many times while working for McGraw-Hill at the publication and at the corporate level. After the brochure was completed, I was asked to publicize school events that were open to the public: Open House, craft fairs, the annual fashion show, and so forth. Unlike my prior assignment, I had NO idea how to accomplish this. None. Zip. Zilch. I had to educate myself swiftly in order to do this well. The wisdom in this book is the result of my studies and my efforts since that time.

Publicize This! is a beginner's guide for community and/or nonprofit groups who need to grow their membership, raise awareness of important issues, and solicit donations to advance their objectives—despite the fact that they have a limited or nonexistent marketing budget. Packed with practical advice, this brief and to-the-point book details specific steps that groups might take to make a simple marketing plan, compile a custom media distribution list, advertise group events, capitalize on post-event publicity opportunities, and generate ongoing word-of-mouth that furthers the group's overall goals. All it takes is "some dedication, a little targeted research, diligent collection of relevant information, and steady application of what is learned along the way." Quick and easy fundraising ideas are included, as well as samples of blurbs, announcements, a radio script, and other promotional pieces for modeling purposes. It's 80 pages in length, so it's a quick read.

If you (or someone you know) is involved with publicity for a small group, I hope you'll consider adding Publicize This! to your (or someone else's) bookshelf today. It's available via CreateSpace and Amazon, and is available in print and as an eBook for Kindle and other platforms (or at least it will be by tomorrow at 8:30 AM. It took a while to figure out formatting for Kindle Direct Publishing, so I only managed to complete the electronic file today—but I'll save that story for another post).

Thanks for reading this and for considering Publicize This!